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Colin Rolls Trophy Final Round

CompetitionsPosted by Alex Jeanes 11 Jun, 2019 12:12:41
The Final round of the Colin Rolls Trophy 2019 was played on Sunday in weather much better than endured in the ESA Cup a day earlier. Yet again there was a good attendance of 40 golfers but the balance per teams was not quite so even ranging from 3 to 7 pairs per team. All participants received a sleeve of golf balls from the sponsor Aurora.

The Foursome format is often a challenge as each flight shares one ball. This however is beneficial to allow a shotgun start. Six holes had 3 flights and one hole had 2 flights which allowed for a good pace on he course as there were 2 free holes.

There was a wide range in scores with the exceptional score of 38 by Nely Borst and Hanna Jones of The Mulligans, followed by Joe Pereira and Ronny Boer with 35 points from the Babes and Boys. Both of these scores were important to the overall standing as the Mulligans moved from 4th place to 2nd on 293 points and the Babes and Boys were this year's winners on 300 points. Friday's Men also had 293 points coming 3rd and last years winners Andy Caps slipped to 4th place on 289.

Alex had great pleasure to hand the Colin Rolls Trophy to Clare the captain of the Babes and Boys

Then the Babes and Boys celebrated with their prizes a bottle of wine each.

Reno kindly put together the full results below. Happy golfing for the rest of the year.

Colin Rolls Trophy BetterBall Results

CompetitionsPosted by Alex Jeanes 29 May, 2019 13:15:11

The third event of the Colin Rolls Trophy 4 event sequence is the Betterball. This involves individual teams of 2 members playing for the honour of the four main teams: The Andy Caps, the Babes and the Boys, Fridays Men and the Mulligans. Betterball involves the individual team members playing their own ball and recording the “best” Stableford score for each hole. Add the lot up for 18 holes gives that individual team’s score. The 2 best scores form the score for the team. 20 individual teams took part with tee-times 10:00am to 13:20.

Sunday 26th May was sunny, coolish for late May and with a brisk Force 4 SW breeze (helping on hole 3) freshening later to F5 or F6.

Despite the wind scoring was brisk with the top score of 44 Stableford being posted by the Andy Cap’s Alex Jeanes and Elly Davis. The Fridays Men produced a 42 down to Brian Taylor and Georges Gourmelon and there were also two scores of 40 (Piet Hillebrand and Joe Periera for the B & B’s plus Dave Collins and Rod Allen for Fridays Men). The fair Mulligans had no less than 3 scores of 39 (Nely Borst / Ineke Aalbers, Hanna Jones / Helma Nollen and Margaret Baston / Jan van Haarlem). Good scoring!

Two teams were joint winners with 82 points: The Andy Caps and Fridays Men. Joint third was the lot of The Babes and the Boys and The Mulligans with 78 points.

The overall placings are getting interesting: The initial runaway lead of the Babes and Boys has been whittled down to 4 points. The B&B’s still lead on 236 but Fridays Men are snapping at their heels on 232. Three points behind that score are the Andy Caps on 229. The delightful Mulligans are a full 10 points behind the leaders and need a miracle to claw back this margin with only one event remaining. Not so for Fridays Men and the Andy caps are also in the race.

It looks to be an exciting prospect for the Foursomes to be held on 9th June with a shotgun start at 13:00, assemble in Escape from 12:00. Flights to be announced approx. 12:30. After the round prizes for the best score in each event and for the winning team(s) will be awarded. And of course the final overall winning team will get the magnificent trophy – the wonderful Waterford bowl to conclude the CRT 2019.

The betterball event had a lot of social clout judging by the Escape crowd at the end of the betterball, for the usual refreshments.

Further details are available from the team captains: Andy caps (Alex Jeanes), The Babes and the Boys (Clare Bingham), Fridays Men (Reno Harboe-Sorensen) and The Mulligans (Marja Allen). If you are inspired enough by this riveting report you may wish to join the CRT or even start your own team. If so please contact the organizer and sponsor Alex Jeanes (email:

Thanks are due to the organizer and sponsor, Alex Jeanes of Aurora, the team captains, the loyal players and of course the founder, Colin Rolls.

Write in your diary / journal / schedule: CRT 2019 final Foursome Competition; 09th June 2019, Escape from 12:00 for a shotgun start 13:00.

Rod Allen

CRT Greensomes Results

CompetitionsPosted by Alex Jeanes 16 Apr, 2019 13:57:17

The second event of the Colin Rolls Trophy 2019 was held on Sunday 14th April. The weather was spring-like with a 10C, mostly sunny day but with a firm breeze (1-to 2 clubs) from the East which kept the perceived temperature quite a bit lower. The course is in reasonable firm condition but with greens a bit on the slow side.

The field was 21 playing teams of mostly 2 players and with 3 singles flights. The format was Greensome which of course everyone is familiar with but involves both players in a team teeing off and then selecting the most advantageous of the 2 balls (or the least disadvantageous) for further play which is alternative shots starting with the player whose ball it is not until the ball is holed. Handicaps for the teams are calculated by adding 60% of the lower handicapper to 40% of the higher handicap. Scoring is Stableford. The 2 highest playing teams scores give the overall team scores for the event.

You may recall that after the Scramble the “Babes and the Boys” were clearly leading by 5 points over the rest of the field close together.

The best team score this time was again the “Babes and the Boys” with an impressive 71 points (best score was overall Clare and Piet with 37 Stableford). This gives them an overall lead on 158 points. Second (again) was the fighting “Fridays Men” with 68 points (4 teams all returned a score of 34 points, the rest did not). Third was the delightful “Mulligans” with 67 points. Joint third was the gallant “Andy Caps” , also with 67 points. Filippo Pinna and Elco Fritzsche of the Caps also had a noble 37 points.

The overall result is the same as after the Scramble with an increased lead for the “Babes and the Boys” on 158 points, second is “Fridays Men” on 150 points. Third spot is occupied by the “Mulligans” with 148 points. The Andy Caps are just behind with 147 points. All is still to play fore!

For those deranged enough to be more interested can get further details of the results from the team captains: Babes: Clare Bingham, Mulligans: Marja Allen, Fridays Men: Reno Harboe Sorensen and the Andy Caps: Alex Jeanes (also the organizer and sponsor. Also you may wish to join the wonderful CRT community. Just email Alex Jeanes for a team allocation (email:

Thanks Alex for a well-organized event and to Aurora for sponsoring it. The CRT is the most interesting event in our EGC calendar with the possible exception of the Monthly. And to Colin Rolls, the originator, sadly no longer with us.

The next CRT event will be the Betterball Competition to be held on 26th May 2019.

Report brilliantly written by Rod, as well as the results in full detail in the Excel file.

Colin Rolls Trophy Scramble Results

CompetitionsPosted by Alex Jeanes 26 Mar, 2019 16:53:31

Sunday 24th March 2019 produced some good golfing weather, sunshine, a cool 8-10C (depending on when you played) with a one-club westerly breeze keeping matters on the cool side.

The 4 CRT teams each produced 5 playing pairs for the Scramble round, giving 20 pairs arranged in 10 flight of 2 pairs. Start times were from 10:00 am to 13:00. The scramble is fun but a slow format, needing a good 4 hours for the slower players. The handicapping rules, changed in 2017, demanded that each pair played of the exact handicap (strokes received) of the better player with the lower handicap. This is to avoid too much banditry with good players getting a boost from a high handicappers. No of course nobody in our club would exploit such a strategy would they? The short answer is YES, all captains would welcome the opportunity, hence the rule. This change in strokes received caused some interesting conversations and various people played from the red tees for the first time.

It was great that some new golfers participated and enjoyed themselves even playing in their first competition.

The format is (or should be), well known. Each player in a pair takes his or her shot , the pair select the better of the two and then both play on from there, placing on the fairway and a knee-drop in the no-fairway areas. The format is not qualifying.

The results on the day were not bad, yielding a maximum score of 44 Stableford points and a minimum of 27. The best score ( 44 from Clare Bingham and Rob Jansen) and the second best (Salim Ansari and Gary Gould) of 43 ensured Clare’s Babes and the Boys the first place on the day with 87 points. The other three teams all had lower scores but were all very close to each other. Reno’s Fridays men had 82 to give second place, Marja’s Mulligans had 81 and Alex’s Andy Caps are in 4th place on 80. Obviously an interesting source of inspiration and effort for the future rounds with everything to play for to prevent the magnificent trophy residing for the second year running in the Sassenheim den of the B & B’s. Interesting the B&B’s deserved their first place with an average pair score of 41.1 Stableford points. The median score (equal scores above and below was 39 points and the mode (the most popular score) was also 39. The standard deviation was low (for golf events) at 4.4 and the average score just below 38 points.

Thanks to Rod for putting together the results and providing the report.

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