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Dunhill Cup standings after the 4th round

Dunhill CupPosted by Vincent Regis 17 Jun, 2019 10:42:45

Here is the situation after round 4 of the Dunhill Cup 2019.

Team France has won all its games so far and is assured to play the final.

Team GB has given up and forfeited all their games.

Commonwealth (2 games won, 2 lost) can no longer reach the final since they have a less favorable point difference than Germania (2 games won and 2 lost as well).

Netherlands, with 2 wins and one game lost can play the final if they beat France in the 5th round. If they lose, the score or point difference will decide which team (Netherlands or Germania) will meet France in the final.

On June 22nd the 5th round will be played in the morning between France and the Netherlands (9:30) and the final in the afternoon (14:00). Germania players will have to stay in standby, and the dutch players should be prepared to possibly play a 2nd round in the afternoon.

11th ESA Cup results

CompetitionsPosted by Vincent Regis 12 Jun, 2019 14:24:02

The 11th ESA Cup has been played last Friday on Rozenstein golf course and Saturday on ESTEC golf course. The weather wasn't kind, with gale force winds and rain, but that didn't prevent all the brave participants from competing in a friendly atmosphere.

We had a great dinner in Rozenstein's restaurant on Saturday night.

Individual results
Raffaele Tosellini
the best individual over the 2 days, managed to score an impressive 40 stableford on Saturday, that he backed up by a 29 on Sunday in ESTEC. That was enough to edge by a single point, a solid performance from Paul McManamon, 33 in Rozenstein and 35 in ESTEC.

The best individual lady is Clare 55 total, beating Anna Hjortnaes by 3 points.

Team results

The teams ranking, taking the 3 best scores of each day, is the following:

1st ESTEC team 6 (Paul McMananmon, Gijs Tan, Kjeld Hjortnaes, Garry Gould)

2nd ESTEC team 1 (Mary Gillies, Erik van Ginkel, Vincent Regis, Sylvain Prezelus)

3rd ESTEC team 4 (Domenico Mignolo, Joe Pereira, Rob Jansen, Brian Taylor)

4th HQ (Alberto Novelli, Pierre Bouige, Raffaele Tosellini, Rafael Lucas)

5th ESTEC team 3 (Alexander Foing, Helma Nollen, Anna Grethe Hjortnaes, Tony Rosmalen)

6th ESTEC team 2 (Hanna Jones, Andrew Murell, Klaus Ludwig, Geoff Beckwith)

7th ESTEC team 5 (Ignacio Sanchez, Alex Jeanes, Clare Bingham, David Collins)

8th ESOC (Sascha Ricken, Frederic Schmidt, Dirk Kuijper, Kevin Lloyd-Jones)

9th ESAC (Mark Kidger)

Neary winners

Rozenstein neary hole 3 Hanna Jones

Rozenstein neary hole 12 Kjeld Hjortnaes

Rozenstein Longest ladies hole 17 Hanna Jones

Rozenstein Longest Men hole 17 Alex Jeanes

ESTEC nearly hole 1 Andrew Murell

ESTEC nearly hole 9 Rafael Lucas

ESTEC longest ladies hole 2 Hanna Jones

ESTEc longest men hole 3 Alex Foing

Complete individual results

Complete team results

Next year the ESA Cup will be organised by HQ.

See you in Paris in 2020 !!!

Colin Rolls Trophy Final Round

CompetitionsPosted by Alex Jeanes 11 Jun, 2019 12:12:41
The Final round of the Colin Rolls Trophy 2019 was played on Sunday in weather much better than endured in the ESA Cup a day earlier. Yet again there was a good attendance of 40 golfers but the balance per teams was not quite so even ranging from 3 to 7 pairs per team. All participants received a sleeve of golf balls from the sponsor Aurora.

The Foursome format is often a challenge as each flight shares one ball. This however is beneficial to allow a shotgun start. Six holes had 3 flights and one hole had 2 flights which allowed for a good pace on he course as there were 2 free holes.

There was a wide range in scores with the exceptional score of 38 by Nely Borst and Hanna Jones of The Mulligans, followed by Joe Pereira and Ronny Boer with 35 points from the Babes and Boys. Both of these scores were important to the overall standing as the Mulligans moved from 4th place to 2nd on 293 points and the Babes and Boys were this year's winners on 300 points. Friday's Men also had 293 points coming 3rd and last years winners Andy Caps slipped to 4th place on 289.

Alex had great pleasure to hand the Colin Rolls Trophy to Clare the captain of the Babes and Boys

Then the Babes and Boys celebrated with their prizes a bottle of wine each.

Reno kindly put together the full results below. Happy golfing for the rest of the year.

Course closures for events 03/06-09/06

Course StatusPosted by Erik van Ginkel 04 Jun, 2019 13:45:45
Wednesday 5/6: Bedrijfsleague, First tee closed 17:30-18:15
Thursday 6/6: Beginners Greensome competition, tees closed: 1, 2, 8, 9 (more if needed) 17:45-18:10
Saturday 8/6: ESA Cup, Course closed 9:30-15:00
Sunday 9/6: Colin Rolls Trophy, Course closed 12:30-16:30

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