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Final results Dunhill Cup 2019Dunhill Cup

Posted by Vincent Regis 23 Jun, 2019 11:08:26

The last round and final of the Dunhill Cup has been played last Saturday June 22nd, in perfect golfing condition.

In the morning, for the fifth round, The Netherlands played France to attempt to win their way into the final (France was already assured to be in the final). They obtained a hard fought win by Nely Borst over Emmanuel Sabourin on the first playoff hole!!

Netherlands won 2-1 as France couldn't present a 3rd players for the morning match.

Vincent Regis 62 - 65 Henk Wapstra
Emmanuel 63 - 63 Nely Borst (wins on first playoff hole)

So the dutch team being now in the final, both team had reconvene in the afternoon to play the final.

In the first game, a very solid Henk Wapstra won by a shot over Vincent Regis.

In the second game, Emmanuel Sabourin got his revenge over Nely Borst with a 6 shots win.

In the third game, Tony Rosmalen sealed the victory for the French team winning by 3 shots over Carel Haakman.

Vincent Regis 61 - 60 Henk Wapstra
Emmanuel Sabourin 62 - 68 Nely Borst
Tony Rosmalen 60 - 63 Carel Haakman

France has successfully defended its title and is the Dunhill Cup winner for the 3rd year in a row!!!

Captains’ Challenges 2019, Report and Results. Competitions

Posted by Reno Harboe Sorensen 22 Jun, 2019 12:33:17

Sponsor's Day Competition reportCompetitions

Posted by Erik van Ginkel 17 Jun, 2019 14:27:14

Sponsors Day – 2019

The annual EGC sponsors’ day was held Saturday 15th June. There was a very good attendance of 40 players in 8 teams.

The Sponsors’ teams were represented by Hoek Hoeveniers, Aurora, Serco with 2 teams, Serco 1 and Serco 2, Gallery-Color. There were 3 teams from the EGC, The ESTEC Committee, ESTEC Ladies and ESTEC Retirees.

It had been raining a lot the night before and in the early morning, so it was doubtful whether we could play or not. Luckily the rain stopped around 10:30, and after the last check of the course around 12 o’clock, it was decided that we could play, with the only change the wintergreen on hole 3. In the afternoon the weather was pleasant with a little sunshine.

The Sponsors Day competition.

The competition, teed off 13:00 and with 10 flights, and we still managed to finish around 16:30.

The team result was decided on basis of the sum of the best three individual Stableford scores per team. The 1st and 2nd team got a prize. Additionally, there were prizes to the best 2 men and the best 2 ladies in the individual ranking. The prize for the best man and lady was generously donated by Hoek Hoeveniers. The prize for the second best man and lady was donated by Serco. Thanks for sponsoring these prizes.

The Team competition result

Team competitions results


Serco Team I, Geraldine, Tony, Willem, Ben, Raffaele



Ladies Team, Anna Hj., Clare, Elly, Anna C., Jenny, Ingrid


The individual competition results

Men’s competitions results

Ladies’s competition results


Tony Rosmalen



Anna Camio



Ton Remmen

39, b9:21


Elly Davis


Following the tournament there was room for a drink at the bar awaiting the prize giving, and at 18:00 the “Walking Dinner” was served in ESCAPE Dance room. The dinner was provided by the Escape catering service, and again, very well organized. Many thanks to the chef and the serving staff who helped during the evening.

In summary, it was a very enjoyable event.

The organisers,

Anna & Kjeld

Dunhill Cup standings after the 4th roundDunhill Cup

Posted by Vincent Regis 17 Jun, 2019 10:42:45

Here is the situation after round 4 of the Dunhill Cup 2019.

Team France has won all its games so far and is assured to play the final.

Team GB has given up and forfeited all their games.

Commonwealth (2 games won, 2 lost) can no longer reach the final since they have a less favorable point difference than Germania (2 games won and 2 lost as well).

Netherlands, with 2 wins and one game lost can play the final if they beat France in the 5th round. If they lose, the score or point difference will decide which team (Netherlands or Germania) will meet France in the final.

On June 22nd the 5th round will be played in the morning between France and the Netherlands (9:30) and the final in the afternoon (14:00). Germania players will have to stay in standby, and the dutch players should be prepared to possibly play a 2nd round in the afternoon.