ESTEC Golf Club News

ESTEC Golf Club News

Course closures for events 03/06-09/06

Course StatusPosted by Erik van Ginkel 04 Jun, 2019 13:45:45
Wednesday 5/6: Bedrijfsleague, First tee closed 17:30-18:15
Thursday 6/6: Beginners Greensome competition, tees closed: 1, 2, 8, 9 (more if needed) 17:45-18:10
Saturday 8/6: ESA Cup, Course closed 9:30-15:00
Sunday 9/6: Colin Rolls Trophy, Course closed 12:30-16:30

Course closures for events 25/5-26/5

Course StatusPosted by Erik van Ginkel 24 May, 2019 13:08:17
Please be aware of the following course closures this weekend:

Saturday 25/5: Dunhill Cup, First tee closed: 14:00-15:30
Sunday 26/5: Colin Rolls Trophy, course closed (exp.): 09:45-15:30

First tee closed Tuesday May 21, 17:30-18:15 - Bedijfsleague

Course StatusPosted by Erik van Ginkel 21 May, 2019 10:41:23
This afternoon, May 21, for the first Bedrijfsleague match hosted by ESTEC the first tee will be closed from 17:30 till 18:15 to allow the competing flights to depart.

During a first tee closure the course remains open, but it is not allowed to start a round or continue after hole 9 during this period. If you play please be aware of the competition in progress and give priority to the competing flights when needed.

Course closure on Tuesday 14/5 and Thursday 16/5 - Chaturvedi Cup

Course StatusPosted by Erik van Ginkel 13 May, 2019 09:02:14
This week the Chaturvedi Cup will be played. For this the course will be closed during the afternoon on both Tuesday 14/5 and Thursday 16/5 from 14:00 until 17:30.

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